Branding integrated with architecture
tells your story
in a place.

We apply the principles of graphic design in the built environment through large-format experiences that connect people and brands.

Experiential graphic design is the intersection of visual communication and place, embracing a range of disciplines including architecture, interior design, and landscape design. A successful EGD program starts during the earliest stages of the discipline’s planning process (typically a programming or visioning phase) to ensure a cohesive approach where the environment and the graphic expressions are synchronized into a seamless visual experience. In collaboration with architects, we identify the landscape and narrow the audience through visioning workshops where the design concept takes shape and aligns with project goals and brand storylines. 

Branding Services

Workplace Branding
Experiential Graphics
Donor Recognition Systems
Branded Environments
Large-Format Murals
Digital Signage Integration
Interactive Installations

Typical Phases

Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation
Bid Management
Construction Administration


Commercial Office
Retail + Restaurant


“Thought leadership is very much Spaeth Hill. During our first project with the team I was really impressed with their process and concept development. They described their inspiration behind each idea with a level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail that blew me away. They are experts in their category.”

— Brigitte Esau / Beacon Properties

Design Solutions

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EGD Insights

If You Build It, How Will They Get There?

It’s curious how often wayfinding and branded signage programs are left until the tail-end of a development project, often during construction and sometimes only as a missing requirement for occupancy. There is an enormous opportunity for more thoughtfully integrated approaches to wayfinding that ensure the intended markets and neighbors of your real property assets know where they are and how to get there.

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Brand Value in the Built Environment

The core function of effective signage and wayfinding is to guide visitors through a built environment effectively and effortlessly. But the best signage design goes far beyond just effective navigation. It’s also about creating positive associations and a meaningful experience.

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When to Consider a Comprehensive Sign Plan

Over the course of my years of experience as an architectural signage consultant, my clients in commercial real estate, whether property managers, developers or land owners, often ask when they should pursue the development of a Comprehensive Sign Plan (CSP) for their property.

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