We design systems for people in places.


Wayfinding combines an intuitive program with a carefully designed sign system that guides people to their destination. Our design approach starts by finding alignment in the surroundings then establishing visual cues in materials, symbols, colors, typography and scale to align with a brand. All of these considerations become the connections that guide people through the built environment.

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Our stand-alone service for property managers
and owners

Sign Allowance Matrix (SAM)

The Sign Allowance Matrix is a stand-alone service where many of our wayfinding clients begin. A SAM is a detailed outline for property managers and building owners who want a holistic and accurate survey of their exterior signage allowance with specific guidance on how to maximize wayfinding. The end result is a document outlining existing conditions matched with recommendations specifically tailored to your property based on background information and jurisdictional restrictions.

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Graphic Design

Experiential graphic design brings visual dimension to space, allowing the environment to communicate a brand and connect people to place. Also called workplace branding or branded environments, our process requires close alignment with architecture so that the elements that we use to tell the story—large format elements, analogue signage as well as digital and interactive installations—are carefully considered.

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Branding & Identity

Brand and identity design considers the holistic system defined through carefully curated touchpoints. We build brands from initial visioning through to deliverables across a range of digital and print platforms. Our goal is to ensure the spirit, tone and culture of an organization is captured through strategic design decisions that enrich a brand and leave a lasting impression.

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