We share our expertise on the built environment.

SEGD Conference: Capturing Culture Through Branded Environments

SEGD Branded Environments—held in partnership with the world’s largest Digital Signage Expo (DSE)—is an event focused on the design of brand-centric customer experiences. Integrating meaningful visual experiences into the environment communicates a brand and connects people to place. Jill and Nathan gave a talk on how they create a sense of culture through design in architecture for their corporate and retail clients.

How Graphic Design Translates into Spatial Design

In conjunction with Apple + AIGA, Nathan and Jill gave a presentation at the Apple Carnegie Library on their creative journey from 2D to the built environment. This presentation focused on how graphic design can translate into places and spaces through branding and custom elements. Guests were able to take photos on an iPad and draw with the new Apple Pencil to reimagine space during the lecture.

Bisnow Washington, DC: Designing the Post Pandemic City

Jill moderated a high-level panel discussion around how leaders of architecture in the Washington DC area are thinking about what today’s urban centers will look like after COVID-19. The conversation covered large public plazas like The Wharf in the SE waterfront and new ways of incorporating green spaces into interior design.

Speaking Topics

Capturing Culture Through
Branded Environments

How Graphic Design Translates
into Spacial Design

Experiential Design’s Return
on Investment

How to Enhance Your Brand
Through Wayfinding

Debrand Before you Rebrand