Visual touchpoints capture the spirit and tone
of your brand.

We create brands that connect people to places and organizations in the built environment.

The visual identities we design infuse creativity and personality into a holistic system so that each touchpoint is in alignment; from typography and color system to tone and messaging. Consistency is as much a part of our process as creativity when developing a brand which is why we believe in connecting every decision to a concept that resonates with the intended audience. Through every step in our design process, we ensure each visual element strengthens its connection to people and place. This approach not only ensures alignment, but also the feeling that everything is exactly where it belongs.


Naming + Messaging
Brand Strategy
Logo Development
System Design
Brand Guidelines
Print + Digital Collateral
Book Design


Market Research
Visioning Workshop
Concept Development
Design Development


Commercial Office
Parking Garage
Retail + Restaurant


“We look to Spaeth Hill as a true and trusted design partner. Spaeth Hill understands how to build a brand from initial visioning through to deliverables across a range of digital and print platforms. Our relationship with the Spaeth Hill team brought to life our vision of a top-tier, contemporary brand that allows us to effectively compete on a national level.”

— Pascal Molenat / OTJ Architects

Design Solutions

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Branding Insights

New Sign Regs in Fairfax County: The CSP is out and the SE is in!

Overall our view is optimistic that this sign amendment provides an opportunity to strategically plan and also rethink developmental branding, wayfinding, and placemaking. From the design perspective, Part II allows property owners a whole new opportunity to consider placemaking. This is a fundamental enhancement of economic viability that was never available before.

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If You Build It, How Will They Get There?

It’s curious how often wayfinding and branded signage programs are left until the tail-end of a development project, often during construction and sometimes only as a missing requirement for occupancy. There is an enormous opportunity for more thoughtfully integrated approaches to wayfinding that ensure the intended markets and neighbors of your real property assets know where they are and how to get there.

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Brand Value in the Built Environment

The core function of effective signage and wayfinding is to guide visitors through a built environment effectively and effortlessly. But the best signage design goes far beyond just effective navigation. It’s also about creating positive associations and a meaningful experience.

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