Nathan Hill


Nathan’s brand expertise and design vision provides high-level direction for all of the studio’s wayfinding and experiential graphic design projects. He leads and manages the team’s strategy and creative process, ensuring a connection between people and place through the lens of brand. His commitment to a project starts in the initial concept phases and is carried through into the finest details of material selection and fabrication techniques. These are the brand touchpoints—the special moments that enrich a space or place and leave a lasting impression. Nathan uses the same vision and insight at Spaeth Hill to forecast the company’s future strategy.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from GW Corcoran College of Art and Design where he is also an adjunct design instructor. He continues to explore visual art through collaborations with self-initiative projects, recently launching äntrepō, an award-winning publication concerned with new and evolving methods of design as driven by experimental thinking and practice. This project also includes a podcast interview series that features conversations with local, national and international thought leaders in the design field.

Recent Insights

Brand Value in the Built Environment

The core function of effective signage and wayfinding is to guide visitors through a built environment effectively and effortlessly. But the best signage design goes far beyond just effective navigation. It’s also about creating positive associations and a meaningful experience.

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