November 13 370

Spaeth Hill Look Book

The Spaeth Hill Look Book is a self-initiated studio project, designed to showcase some of our favorite interior, signage and environmental branding projects we’ve directed. Our goal was to pursue a design that created an object; something that we can send to prospective partners and clients for them to keep.


The project itself consists of two different publications: Pictures and Words. Pictures is an oversized, hand-bound publication with expressive typography and a screenprinted cover. Words is a smaller publication tucked away in the pages of Pictures, creating a playful interactivity to the project. Words acts as the reading companion to Pictures, containing descriptions and background insights of each project featured in the larger publication.

Screenprinting / Branding / Binding

Lookbook 01
Lookbook 02
Lookbook 03
Lookbook 08
Lookbook 09
Lookbook 05
Lookbook 04
Lookbook 06
Lookbook 07