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Noblis Headquarters

Noblis approached Spaeth Hill with the goal of branding the interior of their headquarters space in Reston, VA. The work itself was part of a larger renovation to the space, meaning that work had to be timely and cohesive. The project scope included designing a full environmental branding package to cover 6 floors and 164,000 square feet of office space.


We mainly drew inspiration from the chartreuse and blue colors from the existing Noblis brand and coordinated our designs around that. Large sections of the office were assigned different colors to help the branding elements to naturally act as wayfinding devices, as well. For signage, we incorporated large scale, dimensional typography and a geometric line motif that is easily legible and catches the eye, without being distracting. These core elements were replicated across the multi-level floor plan to ensure

that each level felt seamless.

Interiors / Signage

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