Dakar cover stack


Working with the United States State Department, Spaeth Hill was engaged to create a catalog showcasing the permanent collection at the Embassy of Dakar in Senegal. It was important that the catalog drew from the works but didn’t distract from them. Additionally, the entire catalog would include both English and French content.


We chose yellow as the primary color to pull from the Senegalese flag and pulled texture from one of the featured works to use as a blind emboss on the front and back covers. We were adamant about using full-page spreads to show off the works, especially to help capture the size and details of the larger mural and full-scale works. These spreads also ensure that each turned page offers a look at a new work in its entirety, giving each piece the space to speak for themselves.

Publication Design

Dakar spread 1
Dakar detail 8
Dakar spread 3
Dakar spread 2
Dakar spread 4
Dakar spread 5
Dakar spread 6
Dakar spread 9
Dakar detail 7
Dakar spread 10
Dakar spread 11