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CFF 2018 Annual Report

Working with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Spaeth Hill was engaged to redesign the organization’s traditional annual report format and present a serious and pressing health topic with an energetic and optimistic tone. Additionally, it was important to celebrate the milestones and achievements of the Foundation and look towards their upward trajectory.


We started with the Foundation’s tagline, “Stronger Together,” to build on the concept of community, humanity and a journey forward. We incorporated handwritten quotes to reflect the community of CF patients and their families and loved ones. The use of full-page spreads helps to pace the overall design and content of the report. Finally, the cover has interactive fold-outs that reveal the “Stronger Together” tagline, reinforcing the positive messaging that guides the work of the Foundation every day.


In 2020, the CFF 2018 Annual Report received a design honor from AIGA in their annual AIGA50 competition.

Publication Design / Typography / Photography

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