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CFF Strategic Mailer

In 2020, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) launched its new strategic plan to introduce their new CEO’s vision for the organization and guide the Foundation’s work over the next five years. CFF worked with Spaeth Hill to produce a mailer to announce this launch to its community and stakeholders with the goal of creating a unique and memorable mailer that stands-out.


The design pulls from and references map vernacular and fold-out atlases to reflect the new ground the Foundation is charting in their history. Expressive typography, aspirational messaging, and topography-inspired textures reinforce these themes and clearly communicate CFF’s goals for the next five years. With a custom envelope, fold-out and pop-out poster, not only is the piece engaging and interactive, but it reflects the message of community: many parts coming together to form a stronger whole.


In 2020, the Strategic Plan Mailer received a design honor from AIGA in their annual AIGA50 competition.

Branding / Collateral

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