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antrepo Extras Vol #1

antrepo is a self-initiated studio project that explores experimental graphic design and it's intersection with fine art. At the core of antrepo is a desire to encourage peer-to-peer dialog and interaction between designers and stimulate creativity. antrepo, and Spaeth Hill by extension posits that when designers design for design sake, it will improve the design landscape and the field as a whole.


With Extras, vol. 1, we feature London-based graphic artists Kristine Kawakubo, discussing her experimental and expressive design work and we take a look back to Beatrice Ward's seminal text on typography, "The Crystal Goblet", to reflect on the concept of legibility. Extras, vol. 1 is the first of the publication series, each intending to share interviews, experimental layouts, critical writings, and academic essays. We chose to utilize a newspaper format for its ephemeral aesthetic and to highlight the importance and novelty of critical design perspectives and discourse.


In 2020, antrepo Extras, vol. 1 received a design honor from AIGA in their annual AIGA50 competition and from Communication Arts in their 2020 design annual. For a closer look say to request a digital copy. 

Branding / Publication Design / Art Direction

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