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In Summer 2020, the National Air & Space Museum’s (NASM) official podcast, AirSpace, was gearing up to launch their third season. However, their sights were also set to establish AirSpace as more than just a podcast. For this project, NASM tasked Spaeth Hill with designing an updated logo for the AirSpace brand that could function as a new look for the podcast, but also encompass an expanded vision of AirSpace that included larger, more diverse programming such as events, multimedia campaigns and community management. This expanded programming would be targeting younger audiences and air and space enthusiasts that may not already be involved in the NASM community, while still being approachable to existing audiences.


Following a phase of market research, Spaeth Hill started with fresh and cutting-edge concepts that would appeal to new audiences. The concept emphasizes letterforms emerging from a “hidden space” to convey that this brand represents the uncovering of new ideas and a new frontier for the NASM brand family. The color palette and branding collateral stimulate excitement for what’s to come and work together to create a cool and forward-thinking identity without sacrificing approachability or sophistication. 

Branding / Logo Design

210208 halflogopink
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210126 airspacetext outerspace
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Coinciding with the launch of a new season of the museum's podcast, it was critical that the new brand was bold and memorable.

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210120 oldphotohalf
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Vintage science fiction imagery is used to infuse humor and irony to contrast with the informative tone of the brand's content, discussions and programming.