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Spaeth Hill worked with the US State Department to design a catalog showcasing the permanent, 20-piece collection of artwork at the US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco. It was vital that the design solution displayed each work in a thoughtful way that reflects the cultural background of the artists, preserves the integrity of the artwork and pays homage to their heritage and inspiration. The catalog also had to be trilingual, featuring text in English, Arabic, and French.


Texture is at the forefront of the design. We used a silver foil emboss on the cover to reference the materiality of many of the works. Throughout the report, we used forms of words in multiple translations overlapping one another to create texture, as well as reference the intersection of culture. Finally, large scale photography and full-page spreads help showcase the many large-scale installations, pace the report and give each piece its own distinct space in the catalog.

Publication Design

Rabat spread1
Rabat folio detail
Rabat bio spread
Rabat painting spread
Rabat spread half
Rabat portraiture half
Rabat drain spread
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Rabat zero spread
Rabat sculpture
Rabat cover