Ping Ni


Ping brings a passion for typography and a rigorous design methodology to Spaeth Hill. Her design philosophy is based in her belief that the root cause of conflict is misunderstanding. Her commitment to effective communication is behind Ping’s belief that design is more than making something beautiful. Design is distilling complex concepts into a visual medium that people can see, hear, feel, and understand. Through design, Ping aims to empower individuals and organizations to communicate their true identities in the built environment.

Ping graduated from Shillington College, where her work was awarded by the Australian Graphic Design Association, and she was named one of 25 exciting designers to watch by Creative Boom. Before Ping found her calling in design, she was exercising her left brain as a product manager. She graduated with a degree in economics and art history from Tufts university, experiences that give her an analytical edge in the creative field. In her spare time, Ping can be found reading design publications, cooking for her loved ones, and listening to techno music.